Friday, July 18, 2014

It's five o'clock somewhere

Oh, this week. What a week. It was beautiful, with cool temperatures and open windows and billowy curtains that made me wish that maybe it was fall already, because i love fall. But, then I stop by the farmer's market and pick up corn on the cob and cherry tomatoes and I think ehhhh, i can wait a little.

It was a beautiful week, although was heavy on some stress. I was in bed on Monday morning when I heard was told that my dad had been in a car accident (he's fine, thank goodness!), and the week just kept going from there. It was just one of those weeks where all the spheres in your life are just a little messy, but you put on your Christmas Pandora station (in July!) and stop by Starbucks and power through.

I did get to counter some of the mess this week with plenty of good company. I met a great group of Cinci blogging ladies on Tuesday, spent Wednesday hiking through Sharon Woods with Boyfriend, and then met up with one of my hometown buddies for margs on Thursday at our favorite local Mexican place - where we always get mistaken for sisters. The best.

Anyhow, I mostly crept through the week wailing my life is shamblyyyyy, but I will say this - I hit a proud little work milestone near the start of the week in that I worked through something for a client so effortlessly that I almost couldn't believe it. Sometimes, I get so frustrated in being a 20-something trying to sort through all these new, adult things and a new, adult career that I forget to put things in perspective and don't celebrate the small things, but - it was a good moment! Hang in there, 20-somethings.

Rambling, so much rambling. I've got nothing left to talk about it. It's FRIDAY and work is OVER and byyyyyye.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

it's best if we both stay // nash pt. 2

We woke up Saturday with no clear idea of what we wanted to accomplish. Our only plan set-in-stone was an Opry date at 7pm. (!!!) Before we had gone to Nashville, we had bounced around the idea of going to the Opry, but neither of us had really made any move toward making it happen. Boyfriend actually really hates country music and I kept saying: we are talking about going to the wrong place, mister and he just kept talking about how important going to the Opry is when you go to Nashville, but again - no plans. UNTIL: On our drive down, somewhere in Kentucky, Boyfriend looked over at me and started talking about how we should still go to the Opry and I was all: listen, we probably should have bought tickets like, a while ago and then he flashed his big, proud smile and kind of half-yelled: THAT'S WHY I DID and it was actually probably one of his more adorable moments, the kind I'd like to remember 70 years from now.

Anyhow...we had until the Opry to play tourist. We started at The Pharmacy for burgers and tater tots and then headed toward the Country Music Hall of Fame. There was a great timeline of the development of country music, which I really enjoyed, and then so many interesting bits and pieces of country music history: Mother Maybelle's guitar, Johnny Cash's black suits, Elvis's gold-plated piano (that I was just itching to reach over and play), crystal-bedazzled Taylor Swift guitars, walls and walls of records, and an interesting exhibit on Miranda Lambert and her most recent tour. COOL STUFF for country music fans. Probably really boring for everyone else. I loved it.

And then, it was off to the Grand Ole Opry!! I remember having been there once when I was younger, but all I can remember was sleeping through the show, so I was excited to have a do-over. There were a few American Idol alums on the stage, some old Opry legends, a Little Jimmy Dickens sighting, a "Nashville" actor, and VINCE GILL. We really had such a great time and it was the perfect way (and perfect surprise!) to close out our little adventure.

Thanks for the fun, Music City.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

must be doin' somethin' right. // nash pt. 1


For the long weekend, Boyfriend and I decided to take a drive and get out of town. There wasn't enough time to drive west, not a good enough reason to head north, and Tennessee has a fairly strong homing signal on my mind, so to Nashville we went. We picked a great little place on airbnb, left on Thursday evening, and came back late Sunday.

Friday was our first full day and INDEPENDENCE DAY. Our airbnb hosts sent us in the direction of the best coffee shop in East Nashville to get us going - Barista Parlor - which might be the hipster capitol of the south. The all-male staff was with their styled beards, leather-strapped aprons, cuffed pants, and artsy tats. I started my day with a big, glass mug of a bourbon caramel latte that was everything a little latte should dream about being when it grows up. Well done, hipster baristas of Nashville. You keep doing you. 

From there, we headed downtown to scope out the 4th of July scene. We set up our camp on the riverbank for the fireworks and then bopped around Broadway for the next few hours - perusing boot stores, listening to music, and grabbing drinks at a rooftop bar. I think we also walked about the entire downtown area - we passed by the Ryman and, even though we didn't want to do the tour, I did step inside quickly to whisper hello to Johnny and June - did you know that they met there? 

After all our walking, we opted to head back to East Nashville for a quick nap and to grab a snack. Again, our hosts pulled through by pointing us in the direction of Holland House. We drank more hipster drinks (the waiter recommended the Honey Booze Booze and it was delissshhh) and noshed on their patio before heading back downtown. At this point, we hadn't been there since early afternoon, and it was absolutely PACKED when we got back. It was a little bit of a struggle to make it back to the camp we'd set up earlier (I legit fell down the riverbank and took out a family), but we made it and settled in for the show. 

Billy Currington played a concert before the fireworks started, and the Nashville Symphony Orchestra took over where he left off. The announcer kept telling the crowd that Nashville has the second best show in America and me being a little cynical, was like, ehhh, we'll see, but you guys: Nashville delivered. The fireworks were incredible and, without even doing my research, we had totally lucked into making our little camp at the perfect location. The symphony played the entire half hour and I shed some patriotic tears and it was so, so good. 

Afterward, we went and listened to some blues, made friends with some girls who gave us a lift in their Uber, and then went back to our loft and collapsed. Partying for our country was exhausting, but so much fun.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

let freedom ring


I told myself (some, umm, seven months ago) that I should get back to writing here again. And, I thought about it but then got too lazy, and then I wasn't lazy anymore, but was too busy. Such is life. But, as the months kept passing and life kept living, I felt a little nagging feeling that kept telling me to keep making memories, but maybe document them a little better. Such are nagging feelings.

I opened up this site again, deleted all my old ramblings, and now you're left with nothing. This is it. I thought about maybe dabbling briefly about writing re: "life in 2014" but ultimately decided: let's just go for it; i'm sure we'll all catch up along the way. Everyone says mystery is sexy (that's why we don't show our ankles, ladies), and I'm sure that applies to blogs too.

So, here we are. Old friends, new friends, maybe some internet stalkers (heeeyyyy, i see you).  Let's just jump back into this and pretend that we're long-lost friends who didn't speak for months, but can always pick up where we left off.

I'll leave you with some summertime snapshots: tie-dyed skylines, flowers and homemade fish tacos, our resident chickens, and a bourbon peach pie that recently celebrated Boyfriend's 30th.

Enjoy a beautiful Independence Day weekend and celebrate our country. 
hugs and kisses, talk soon.